What Fruit Plants Are GMO?

Q: I saw strawberry plants for sale that had “GMO free” on the label. What fruit plants are GMO?

A: As far as I know, only Hawaiian papaya might be fruit that’s a GMO (genetically modified organism), but note that not all papayas are GMO’s. In my opinion, the label is simply a marketing strategy. None of the common fruiting plants (apple, pear, fig, peach, blueberry, etc) are a GMO. Home garden vegetables are the same: no GMO’s. That said, you probably consume more GMO food than you realize. There’s a good chance that products that contain corn, soybeans, white sugar, or canola were manufactured from GMO plants. I’m not saying GMO food is safe or unsafe, just that many GMO items, including the cotton clothing you’re wearing, are ubiquitous and unrecognized.

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