Digger Bees (Miner Bees) – In Earthen Bank

Q: I have lots of bees coming out of the ground. They look like large bumble bees and I see them around my bushes in the front yard gathering the pollen.

They are not very aggressive but I have lots of little kids around my house and some of them are allergic to bees. I have also seen them do what looks like eating or gathering the wood off of my front porch.

I have never seen so many bee holes in one place.

A: You are seeing the activities of miner bees. The females dig long tunnels in the ground and make small chambers off to the sides. In each chamber she lays an egg and places pollen for the larvae to eat when it hatches.

As you’ve discovered, they are not aggressive but I suppose one would sting a child if they picked it up or stepped on it.

No strong control is necessary. They are excellent pollinators. Plant ivy on the bank to discourage them for next year.

For more information  visit  “Ground Nesting Bees and Wasps” factsheet from Ohio State University.

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