Gardening Links

University of Georgia Sites

Download dozens of publications having the latest research-based information for Georgia gardeners.

Find Your County Extension Office

UGA Extension Horticulture Brochures

UGA Lawn Information

UGA Lawn Weed Information

Georgia Environmental Conditions
Check soil and air temperatures plus rainfall amounts at sites throughout Georgia. A great site to help you decide when to plant.

Other State Extension Information

North Carolina Consumer Horticulture Information

South Carolina Home Garden Information

Nationwide Extension Fact Sheets
Extension Service fact sheets from across the country. Search on any horticultural subject you can imagine! Narrow your search to states in the Southeast for information that is likely to be most accurate for Georgia conditions.

Insect, Plant and Soil Links

DavesGarden Plant Files

A searchable database of thousands of plants, with comments by gardeners who have grown them. Invaluable for pictures of plants in their normal habitat.

Iowa State Insect Image Gallery
Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

FloriData Plant Encyclopedia
A fine compilation of plants you might consider for your garden.
Excellent field guides for identification of insects, trees, snakes, mushrooms, etc.
Thousands of plants – from Azalea to Zinnia

Vegetables (and their problems) on the Internet
Dozens of good links to information about every plant (and their associated pests and diseases) you might want to grow in your garden.

Soil Conditions
Check soil temperatures in your area.

Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash