Ronstar Preemergent For My Zoysia Sod

Ronstar Preemergent

Q: Is Ronstar a good preemergent for my new zoysia sod? My landscaper can buy the generic chemical, oxadiazoneoxadiazon, for me at a landscape supply store. 

A: Since this product has a Restricted Use label, I hope your landscaper has a current Category 24 pesticide license. If so, they should be able to tell you that this chemical cannot be applied to home lawns. Application is restricted to professionals because if it’s used by inexperienced people, great environmental damage can be done. License holders go to regular trainings on turf pesticides to keep up to date on the latest and best information. It is legal for someone without a license to apply oxadiazoneoxadiazon if done under a licensed landscaper’s supervision, but not to home lawns.

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