Will Weevil Larvae Survive In Our Home?

Q: My family bought some pecans from a roadside stand in Georgia as we returned home to Wisconsin. As I shell the pecans, I’ve found some with weevils inside the shell. Do we need to be concerned about the larvae surviving in our home? 

A: Unless you live in a pecan, any live weevils are as good as dead. There are no environments in a home that will allow the weevils to survive.

I am sorry you got such poor quality pecans. We had a great challenge in Georgia with damage from Hurricane Michael two years ago and some farmers are still not able to control insects 100% effectively. Nearly 1,000,000 trees were destroyed in 2018. But with adversity there comes opportunity: pecan farmers are replanting with trees that yield bigger nuts and are more resistant to disease. Next time you drive through, I guarantee you’ll get better pecans for your family.

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