Cuba Trip 2014 – Cars and Transportation

Anything with wheels can be adapted into some mode of transportation in Cuba.

DSCN5843 (Copy)

restored cars are everywhere

DSCN5885 (Copy)

can you identify these?

DSCN5905 (Copy)

our Chinese tour bus

DSCN5988 (Copy)

eye-catching color!

DSCN6005 (Copy)

note the wide range of car vintages

DSCN6007 (Copy)

ancient and modern side by side

Enjoy a ride in a cocotaxi...equal parts fun and terrifying!

Enjoy a ride in a cocotaxi…equal parts fun and terrifying!

IMG_2730 (Copy)

At the Miami airport you’re likely to see flat screen TVs…and bicycles… packaged to load on the plane for Havana

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