How To Do a Science Fair Project

Science projects can be a real strain for kids and their parents. Many times “let’s do an experiment on plants!” is the first thought.

Before starting, this note from Peter Macinnis, a teacher in Australia, might be helpful:

“Plant growth projects need to be done during the growing season outside or require greenhouse conditions during the winter. Plan ahead, because plants need to grow for about 1-2 months to get measurable results. You must grow many plants in test or control groups for the results to be valid. A minimum of 30 plants in each test group should be used, with as many in the control group.”

Science Project Ideas

If you are still convinced you want to experiment with plants, here are some ideas:

1. Compare the effect of “aspirin water” on plants. There are several good bits of research on how aspirin helps plants ward off disease.

2. Type “science fair” into the Search line of my website. You’ll be taken to several things I’ve noticed that would be good to investigate.


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