Inman Farm Heritage Days

As many of you know, I grew up in the tiny rural community of Inman, in south Fayette County. The residents were typical Southern farm folk: truck farmers raising vegetables, chickens, cattle, etc. Many held jobs “in town” (Fayetteville) or “in the city” (Atlanta).

I’m proud of my background and proud of the folks who still live in the area. One family, the Minters, has sponsored a classic Southern rural festival on one weekend in September for seventeen years.

Inman Farm Heritage Days includes working demonstrations of a cotton gin, sawmill, cane mill, steam powered tractor and even a copper moonshine still (which distills water, for your drinking pleasure).

Also included are antique tractors, lovingly restored by hobbyists from across the Southeast. You can see one-cylinder farm engines powering grain mills, broom weavers, water pumps and butter churns.

The old Inman Post Office (Zip Code 30232, where my father was volunteer postmaster) has been moved inside the main building and set up as it was for decades in the store that is now Davis Country store.
Also on display and mostly restored is an old one-room school house from north Fayette County and a small country store from near Tyrone.

There is plenty of parking, food and entertainment. It is fun for the whole family!


The event is FREE…but if you pass a donation box, please make a contribution to help keep this classic event going.


Inman gas engine 1




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