Wire Topiary – Filling

Q: I have asked Santa to bring me a wire topiary of a Labrador retriever for Christmas. Do you have suggestions on how to fill it?

A: You have to fill the topiary with long fiber sphagnum moss. Call local nurseries to ask if they can order a bale for you. Soak a bunch of it in a tub of water and then stuff handfuls firmly into the topiary form. Don’t leave air pockets. Once filled, use a 1″ diameter pointed stake (a dibble) to poke holes into the moss-filled dog statue to plant rooted cuttings of creeping fig or small-leafed ivy. Water often enough to keep the moss moist but not soggy. The best time to plant is early May. If you do this project in winter, you’ll need a heated greenhouse to keep the young plants alive.

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