WSB Studio – What Does It Look Like?

Thousands of people listen to my garden show every Saturday morning. With each caller, I try to imagine where they are.

In bed? Driving? Outdoors?

Perhaps some of them are trying to imagine where I am and what it looks like in the WSB studio.

Here are some photos of what’s around me on Saturdays.

the control console before which I stand. Note the line-up of callers on the screen
to the right.

in front of me, the big window into the newsroom

to the left of me, Tim Bryant in the news broadcast studio

to the right, Scott Maxim contemplates what music to play next

Ashley Frasca does a great job screening calls and setting them up for me

we work as a team: host, engineer and screener

sometimes there are guests, like Ashton Ritchie from the Scotts Company

Mickey Gazaway calls in at 8:35 to announce the Pike Pick of the weekend

remote broadcasts are a lot of fun!

folks bring plants and bugs to be identified

but sometimes more interesting things appear!


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