Armyworms – In Lawn

Q: We have armyworms in our lawn eating up the Bermuda grass. What insecticide should we use and how should it be applied?

A: Armyworms are caterpillars that feed predominantly on grasses. They attack pastures and lawns each year. The moths who laid the eggs of your armyworms infest much of south Florida but can not overwinter in north Georgia. Each spring, storms and windy days transport the moths northward. Their eggs develop into the black caterpillars you see in your lawn. Liquid, not granular, insecticides are used to kill armyworms.

Sevin 50% wettable powder can be mixed with water and applied in a coarse spray over the grass. Try to wet the grass thoroughly and do not mow for three days after application. The good news is that armyworms will not hurt your lawn permanently. Only occasionally do populations of this pest build up enough to cause concern.

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