Bats – In Louvers

Q: I have had bats in the louvers in the eaves of my house. The vent is about thirty feet in the air. They have managed to get through the screen and into the attic. What can I do now?

A: This is a good time to get bats out of your attic since the females haven’t quite started bearing their flightless young. You’ll need to hire a handyman with a long ladder to accomplish the eviction. Simply staple sheet plastic to the top and the two side edges of the louver frame. Leave a foot of plastic flapping loosely below the bottom edge. Go into the attic and shine bright lights on the bat roosting area. This will usually drive them out. Bats will easily emerge from the louver area and fly away. When they return, though, the plastic sheet prevents their re entry. They will find a new home as you go about repairing the screen to prevent future invasions.

I only recommend this one-way exclusion method for spring and late fall. Otherwise, baby bats will be trapped in the attic and will starve without their parents’ care.

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