Ladybugs VS Asian Ladybugs

Q: On your radio show, you were talked about ladybugs and said something about not confusing them with bugs that would eat wood. What bugs did you mean?

A: I spoke about the Asian ladybugs that were brought in to control pecan aphids in the 1960’s. They have the disconcerting habit of hiding behind wood siding in great masses in winter. If they find a way indoors, they exude a noxious odor and leave a trail of yellowish staining fluid. They don’t do any damage to the wood but they’re a nuisance when they come in the house. The best way to deal with them is to make a concerted effort to seal cracks near windows and doors where they might enter. Warning: do not try to vacuum them up! The machine will be so stinky you’ll consider throwing it away.

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