Deer – Aiding Decomposition

Q: Sadly, the deer population in my neighborhood is short one member of it’s herd. I don’t know if a Dodge or a dog did the dirty deed, but the carcass is smelling up our neighborhood.

We’ve put lime on it and covered it, but it’s in the woods where the dirt is extremely hard to dig due to all the roots. Any suggestions on reducing the smell?

A: A good bit of research has been done by the poultry industry on getting rid of dead chickens in a manner that minimizes odors and ground water pollution simultaneously.

One of their best methods is composting deceased birds by covering them with straw or wood chips. I think this has potential for your situation.

Cover the animal with a thick layer (two feet or more) of leaves or wood chips. You might use wire fence to contain the chips or leaves in a mound over the remains. This will cut off access by flies and will allow natural processes to take place.

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