Frogs – Eradicating from pool

Q: I have an enormous number of frogs that have congregated in the landscaping around my pool area. Their nocturnal croaking creates a virtually unbearable level of noise, to the extent they interfere with our own, as well as our pet’s sleep cycles.

What steps can be taken to control this problem. In considering your answer, please be advised I am not opposed to steps that would eradicate them completely.

A: When faced with an animal management problem the first question to be answered is “Why are they here and not somewhere else?” In your case, the answer to the question is obviously that they are attracted to the water of your pool and the plants around it.

I imagine you don’t want to remove the pool so management by other means is necessary. Try your best to remove any open water in plant saucers. Don’t let water accumulate under the pool filtration system.

Another option is to enlist predator animals. Though you might be uncomfortable with their presence, snakes are fine frog predators. You could loosely stack stone piles of attractive rock near the pool to make snake habitat. Owls are frog predators as well. Build a screech owl box and hang it in a nearby tree.

If frogs get caught in your pool, consider installing a Frog Log.

Frog Biology and Control

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