Hornet – Small Nest

Q: Attached are photos of what we believe to be the start of a hornet’s nest on the side of our home. How do we get rid of it? Unfortunately, all of us have pretty severe allergies so these guys must go regardless of how beneficial they may be.

A: Hornets build their nests from chewed wood fiber, which is used to make hollow layers, like an onion, around the attachment point. They enter and exit the nest from an opening at the lower end.

If left undisturbed they will go about their business of building their nest and capturing small grasshoppers, flies and bees.

It is usually not necessary to destroy a hornet nest. When their flight path is overhead and the nest is away from curious children, hornets can be left alone.

If a nest is too close for comfort, an aerosol Wasp & Hornet spray can be used from a safe position after dusk, when the insects are in their nest.

Small hornet nest

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