Mosquito Control – Monthly Sprays

Q: What do you think about the monthly mosquito control offered by local exterminators? I am considering signing up this but wondered how well it works or if there are any safety hazards.

The company I called will spray the yard/shrubs monthly with a chemical called Bifen-IT. They claim that it will stay around through rain, etc. and treat the yard to kill the mosquitoes and eggs. Will it work?

A: I have a real problem with spraying an entire yard with insecticide.

Bifen-IT is an indiscriminate poison…it kills butterflies, ladybugs and other beneficial insects too.

Monthly spraying seems too infrequent to me. What about mosquitoes that fly into your yard from your neighbors who do nothing to control them?

In my view, the best course is to use a skin repellent when you garden. Set an oscillating fan on your patio or deck to blow the mosquitoes away when you are enjoying the day there.

I’ve summarized my mosquito control thoughts (BROKEN) here

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