Mosquitoes – Removing Breeding Areas

Q: My neighbor’s backyard is a marsh and a horrible mosquito breeding ground. We neighbors have been talking about helping her clear out the bamboo and English ivy so it would benefit all of us in summer. Do you have any suggestions on how to proceed?

A: You are in a tough spot. It is very likely that mosquitoes are coming from the neighbor’s marsh. However, I can’t promise you that if your friends dry it out and eliminate all standing water you’ll have less bites in summer.

Why? Because just a few mosquitoes (10 – 100) can make life miserable for everyone. These few insects can come in from anywhere on a breeze. You could work yourself to a frazzle and still hear the annoying whine of mosquitoes every summer night. Neither mosquito traps nor bug zappers will eliminate all of the blood suckers.

Do the work for your neighbor as an act of neighborhood kindness but also invest in a half dozen containers of mosquito repellent for each neighborhood house and put them near doorways, gardens and garages. Apply the stuff whenever you or your family goes outside. That is my best recommendation for enjoying the summer sans ‘skeeters.

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