Mosquitoes – Using Yard Sprays

Q: I’ve just read your website information on mosquitoes, but it was articles from 2002–before the new yard sprays that I see in the garden centers this summer. Most of these sprays claim to work for 4 weeks! What I worry about is how they might effect the birds in the yard, particularly the ground feeders. Do you know of any problems with these yard sprays?

A: The yard sprays aren’t particularly new and they don’t usually have an effect for more than a day or so. Mosquitoes blow in on the breeze and may not roost on surfaces that have been sprayed with poison.

In general, I do not recommend “yard sprays” since you can not target the pest species and you end up killing many beneficial insects…with little reduction in mosquitoes.

Your best bet is to use insect repellent or a fan on
your patio or deck.

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