No BS! Free HS! – Getting Horse Manure for your Garden

Gardeners have used animal manure for thousands of years to add nutrients and organic matter to their gardens.

In metro Atlanta, it has become harder and harder to find a stable because owners have had to move as their land became more suburban.

There was also no central list of stables so you could find the ones closest to your home.

But help is here!

The Equine Health Division of the Georgia Department of Agriculture has assembled a list of stables across the state that could be used to house horses in case of an emergency – like a hurricane in Florida.

The list is sorted by county, making it easy for you to find a stable nearby.

Call the stable to ask if they have manure to give away. (Most do.)Bring a shovel (or a manure fork) and a wheelbarrow, wear old clothes and have fun!

For folks near DeKalb county, the state Horse Rescue facility at 2390 Wildcat Rd. is eager to dispose of their manure. Call them at 404-244-1130 to arrange a pickup.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Make absolutely sure the horse manure comes from a farm where herbicides are not used on the pasture. Weedkillers, particularly Grazon, can linger for months in manure and will harm garden vegetables.

Horse Stables in Georgia

Testing manure for Herbicide Contamination

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