Pecan phylloxera give leaves a warty look

Q: My pecan leaves are covered with warts! Can you tell me what this is?

A: Your warts are hollow galls that provide a safe place for aphid-like pecan phylloxera insects to hide. They emerge in spring and feed on leaves and twigs. Big populations of this insect can cause loss of the pecan crop for the current year and also the following year. Phylloxera populations vary widely from year to year, depending on weather and predators. If you want to control them apply a garden insecticide as far up into the tree as possible in early April and again two weeks later. Timing the pesticide application is critical. You won’t get ANY control if you wait until you see the galls. Phylloxera are delicate insects and usually don’t spread very far. Good control one year will often keep phylloxera damage low for several years.


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