Spittlebug – Adults

Q: I have some bugs throughout my perennials and roses. It is a half-inch long, chocolate brown, with a couple of slim orange lines across the top of its body. What is it?

A: Undoubtedly it’s the adult form of the two-lined spittle bug. You might have noticed small gobs of “spit” at the base of your plants in late spring. These were caused by spittle bug nymphs, which exude a mass of plant sap froth around their bodies for protection. The adult spittle bugs damage the leaves of hollies and other plants. They suck sap from individual cells, over time causing the leaves to become splotchy yellow.

If you see only a few adults or nymphs, there is not likely enough damage to warrant spraying. If you see damage, garden insecticide sprayed on affected plants will give adequate control.

Spittlebug – In Centipede Lawn

Two-Lined Spittlebugs

spittlebug froth

spittlebug nymph topside

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