Squirrel Control – Strobe Light

Q: My husband insists that getting a “strobe light evictor” is the way to prevent the squirrels and rodents in our attic.

I remember hearing your say on your show that strobe lights don’t work, yet I do not see any mention of it on your website.

I need proof, please, to prevent my hubby from spending money on a useless light.

A: Why not bet him a nice dinner on the town on the results of the device?

If the critters go away, he’ll be happy….. and that’s worth any amount of money.

If they are not affected, as I suspect, you’ll be happy and you’ll eat well. (and with the machine costing over $200, it will be a VERY nice meal!)

The EPA “registers” devices such as this …….but that does not mean they are effective. No legitimate wildlife control scientist recommends them…only companies who sell the lights.

Let me know what happens!

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