Squirrels – Droppings

Q: I have been feeding squirrels in my backyard for over fifteen years but I have never seen squirrel droppings. Please note that I do NOT spend a lot of time looking for them! Do they bury the droppings?

A: My young neighbor Chrissy was the first sciuriologist (squirrel researcher) I ever met. She was fascinated with the creatures, going so far as to frequently live-trap them just for the pleasure of watching them for an afternoon. I’m sure she could tell you that squirrels have raisin-sized droppings which simply decompose rapidly when deposited on the forest floor. I have found the pellets under my suet feeder, where I futilely labor to deter the nightly raids of the furry-tailed rats. You can get answers to your other squirrel questions from Squirrel Place.

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