Used Gas On Yellow Jacket Holes – Why Are They Now Flying Over Area?

Q: We used gas on three different yellowjacket holes. There are now dozens of yellowjackets flying over this area during the day. Is it possible these insects were not in the nest when it was destroyed and are trying to find it? 

A: I think it’s very possible the yellowjackets you’re seeing are the ones that were away when you destroyed their home. Earlier this year I had a nest in my garden I was keeping an eye on. One night some creature dug it up and destroyed it. For the next week I would occasionally see yellowjackets flying aimlessly above the area. Next time, rather than using gasoline, go out at dusk and sprinkle a tablespoon of Sevin insecticide powder in the opening of each hole. The yellowjackets will die but you won’t risk polluting the soil.

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