Verbena – Slug Damage

If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it!

Diana W. asked me “Have you ever had a blooming verbena plant on which all the flowers disappear overnight?”

“Sure.” I acknowledged. I’d noticed my new red verbena was bloom-less just the day before.

“Well I went out at night to see if it was some kind of night creature doing the damage and saw something amazing! There were slugs on the tip of every branch, chewing away! I took pictures to prove it.”

It’s hard to argue with direct evidence…so I went home and put a saucer of beer under my verbena. Next  day there were twenty drowned slugs and snails in the saucer!

Lesson learned: some varieties of verbena are very susceptible to slug damage!

Slugs on Verbeena 9-8-13

slugs on verbena 2 3

slugs in beer


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