Amber Gold Arborvitae – Any Special Care Needed?

Q: I ordered two ‘Amber Gold’ arborvitae online. They’ve been in the ground a couple of weeks now and seem to be doing well. Is any special care needed?

A: The main thing to keep in mind is that arborvitae can dry quickly on cold, breezy days. It’s not top of mind to think of watering landscape plants in winter but evergreens like this one are the exception. The root ball dries quickly in winter weather and you won’t know they’re in trouble until they turn brown. To prevent the needles from drying out, keep the root ball moist at all times. I would give each shrub two gallons of water every four days. Be sure to put the water directly underneath your new shrubs when you irrigate. Apply water slowly so it has a chance to saturate the roots.

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