Arbor Day – Celebrating

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Q: Would you please give me the date for Arbor Day?

A: Arbor Day is celebrated in Georgia on the third Friday of February.

Arty Schronce at the Georgia Department of Agriculture says the first Georgia Arbor Day was proclaimed by the Georgia General Assembly in December 1890.  In 1941, the General Assembly set the third Friday in February as our state Arbor Day.  While National Arbor Day is the third Friday in April, it is not the best time of the year to plant trees in Georgia. Trees planted between October and mid-March have a better chance of becoming established before the onset of our summer heat.

Besides local schoolyard celebrations, Trees Atlanta usually hosts several activities. I am intrigued by their Big Tree Contest, which recognizes the largest specimens of each tree species growing inside I-285. They have lots of tree care and planting information at

Arbor Day dates in other states

sugar maple

sugar maple in fall

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