Caladiums – Planting

Caladiums are old-fashioned bulbs that have become more popular in recent years. Plant breeders have developed varieties that can withstand much more sunshine than previous strains. Leaf colors from deep red to pink to mostly white allow for landscape color throughout the year, without depending on flower blossoms.

Planting caladium bulbs, though, must wait until soil temperatures are above sixty five degrees and preferably above seventy degrees. The bulbs are true tropicals. They are damaged by cool soil temperatures, possibly refusing to sprout at all if you put them out now.

Although they have been in garden center displays for weeks, wait until early May before even considering planting caladiums. You can certainly purchase them now but keep them in a warm, dry closet until the weather really gets hot. Or you could plant your bulbs now in discarded black plastic pots to give them a head start in warm potting soil. Set them out when the leaves are six inches tall.

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