Cat grass – Hairballs

Q: What can you tell me about cat grass? It is supposed to help cats with bringing up hair balls. I bought a small kit and the grass grew but my cat ate the grass and pulled up the roots.

A: Cat grass can be either wheat, oat or rye. The seeds are available online at Fill a wide, low pot almost to the top with potting soil. Scatter 2 TBS of seeds and cover with 1/8 inch of soil. Moisten thoroughly with a mister. Anchor a circle of 1″ mesh chicken wire to the soil with “hatpins” made from a clothes hanger. The chicken wire prevents the cat from pulling the seedlings from the soil. Put clear kitchen wrap over the pot and place in a sunny window. Seeds will sprout in a week. Your cat can graze on them when they are four inches tall.

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