Compost – Encounters With Roaches!

Q: I’ve been composting for ten years. I’ve tolerated tiny spiders, worms, and bugs of other types without a problem. However, last week when I went out to turn the pile there were giant flying roaches in it! I don’t ever want to turn it again but I don’t want to waste my compost. Whatever you suggest I’m sure my husband will be glad to do it for me.

A: Why do you expect that only small organisms help with composting? Why can’t bigger, six-legged creatures help too? You’re providing a smorgasbord for them! I think roaches are a natural part of the composting process. That said, I see no reason why your brave husband couldn’t buy some of the “large roach” bait stations and put them under small waterproof shelters near the compost bin. The unwanted insects would get an excellent meal, which would also be their last. Their unseen carcasses will make your compost richer!

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