Conk (Mushroom) – On Tree Trunk

Q: What is this on a big tree on our property? It has a weird growth at the base What should we do about it? Should we knock it off?

A: Well, I call it a conk. The experts call it a bracket fungus or a shelf fungus. It’s the fruiting body of a fungus that is decomposing something nearby…..and it’s probably the base of your tree.

Fungi on trees get started in any number of ways, usually through a wound (maybe a lawn mower bumping hard against the tree years ago?) They slowly eat away at the sapwood under the bark and finally decide to form a fruiting body. That’s what you are seeing.

Things don’t look good for the ultimate health of your tree. You need a certified arborist to take a look and give you a tree health assessment.

Call some of the companies at the Georgia Arborist Association and tell them you need just an assessment before you make a hurried decision.

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