Titan fescue – Homeowner Comments

When turf companies market a brand new grass without submitting it to long-term University trials in Georgia, I’m at a loss to know whether to recommend their grass for use by homeowners.

In the summer of 2005 I asked for radio listeners’ experiences with several new grasses.

It is important to note that this was not a scientific survey and the comments listed here may not reflect reality. It is not my intent to disparage a grass …only to present the comments of real-life users.

Below are the comments I received on Titan Ltd fescue.


I am a salesman for Smith Seed, developers of Titan Ltd fescue. I will tell you what I know.

In May 2004, I killed my bluegrass/ryegrass lawn and planted it to Titan Ltd. The first seedlings germinated and showed themselves in 7 days. In three weeks it was ready for its first mowing. That summer and fall I did not see any real rhizome growth (although it could have been there).

As far as I understand, the current generations of rhizome-enhanced fescues tend to need to go through a cold spell (winter) before they really start rhizome growth. Once winter broke, and it was late this year, I notices some bare spots that were caused by smothering from late-falling leaves. One spot in particular appeared to have three rhizome-initiated plants. I took a picture of this spot.

Two months later, my lawn was looking very lush and think. I went to find the spot and couldn’t seem to find it. After much hard work and a few pictures I was able to identify the same spot. The new plants were growing very well and filling in the bare spot. As of now, we have had a very hot – hotter than normal – summer. Overall the lawn has maintained an attractive appearance, of course having times of stress, like all the other lawns in my neighborhood. I have not noticed any new rhizome growth, but the three plants have rooted themselves well and are positioned for more growth once we get back into cooler fall temperatures.

I will be watching another spot to see if new rhizome growth takes place in the fall. As far as I understand, very little, if any rhizome growth takes place, even with bluegrass, during hot summer weather.

Please visit www.titanlimited.com for more photos.

Jonathan R.

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