Crapemyrtle – Failure to Leaf Out

Q: I called in to your radio show and spoke to Theresa. She said to email some pictures.

I have two large crapemyrtle’s in my front yard that I have pruned back every spring for six years. One of them is growing back as it always has without any problems. My other crape is not.

It does try to send out new growth but it doesn’t get past a few inches before turning brown and dieing off. Theresa suggested that it may be a beetle. I couldn’t find any bore holes that she suggested, but I may not know what I’m looking for.

(2 days pass….another email arrives)

After further investigation, your assumption appears to be correct. I’ve been attacked by the Asian ambrosia beetle.

Thank you for all of your help! You guys provide a great service!

A: Aw…..shucks.

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