Daylilies- Flowering


Q: I started gardening recently and my daylilies make me curious. I judge my five-foot tall stalks as a sign of health, but I’m having trouble keeping new buds. Within a week they will be empty. How do I get more flowers?

A: Daylilies differ not only in the flower form and color but also in their length of bloom. You should investigate the reblooming types. ‘Happy Returns’ and ‘Stella D’Oro” are the most well known but there are dozens more that bloom more than once.

Jack Joiner, President of the Georgia chapter of the American Hemerocallis Society says “Reblooming is not a given just because a cultivar is registered as such. Care has a great influence on rebloom. Sunshine, water and nutrition, as with most plants, are extremely important in getting best performance from the daylily.”

Here are some of Jack’s recommendations: (editor note: how do you want to handle this chart? It contains variety name, bloom size and bloom color)

‘Moonlit Masquerade’, 5 1/2″, Cream with dark purple eye.
‘Orange Velvet’, 6 1/2″, orange.
‘Aaron’s Lttle Whopper’, 3 1/2″, saffron yellow with poppy red eye.
‘Always Afternoon’, 5 1/2″, Mauve with purple eye and edge.
‘Baby Boomer’, 3 1/2″, yellow with dark purple eyezone.
‘Frilly Bliss’, 9″, powder-pink with rose halo.
‘Pirate’s Patch’, 6″, Ivory Cream with purple eye.
‘Bill Norris’, 5″, Sunny gold
‘Black Ambrosia’, 5″, black purple
‘Long Stocking’, 9.5″, red

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