Daylily – “Repeat Bloomer”

Q: In daylily jargon, what does “repeat bloomer” actually mean? I bought several well-established daylilies last fall. I was told that all of my selections were repeat bloomers, yet they only bloomed that first beautiful flush and then nothing the remainder of the season. I was expecting at least a second flush of blooms.

A: I’ll teach you another bit of daylily vocabulary: remontant. “Remontant” and “repeat blooming” both mean that a daylily is genetically programmed to bloom more than once in a season. Repeat blooming occurs once a plant is well-established in its garden spot. I think your daylilies are still getting comfortable in their new home. If you babied them this summer they should have an easy time of reblooming for you next year. Remontant daylilies perform better when given optimum moisture and fertilizer so don’t let yours suffer during the heat next summer.

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