Deodar Cedar – Growing Differently

Q: I have two deodara cedars that are growing at different rates. Both trees were planted six years ago by a landscape company. The non-growing deodar cedar was dug up and re-planted last fall hoping it would take off like the other one but it has not. Do I have two different types of tree?

A: Comparing the two limbs I can see that they’re the same plant.

The best I can guess is that the smaller one has a compromised root system, but I have no idea why.

If you want to try an experiment, do this: get a bag of soil conditioner and a bag of Milorganite. In a wheelbarrow, mix the bag of conditioner with a quart of Milorganite.

Pull the mulch from an area 3′ in all directions from the weak tree’s trunk. Spread all of the conditioner mixture over the area.

Use a spading fork to repeatedly jab the area, wiggling the fork each time. In this way the conditioner mixture goes down into the holes made by the fork tines.

As you mix things together, you’re improving the soil tilth and adding nutrients without having to remove the tree.

Let me know how it looks in a year.

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