Dwarf Conifers and Evergreens – Atlanta

Dwarf Conifers for Atlanta

Q: I’m thinking of enhancing a relative’s drab front garden by adding a few dwarf conifers and evergreens. She lives in East Point (Fulton County). Can you recommend a few dwarf conifers that will do well in Atlanta? I really like the Dwarf Alberta Spruce but I understand that it doesn’t do well in Atlanta’s summer heat and humidity. I’m interested in adding foundation plants that display a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. I’m hoping they will serve as the basis of a year-round, four-season front garden with color. 

A: An online search for dwarf conifers yields many that simply cannot tolerate Atlanta weather. In addition, many that are called “dwarf ” might not fit your size constraints. Here are some comments on dwarf conifers for Atlanta http://www.frogsncats.com/html/plants/conifers/conifers.htm


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