Dwarf Mondo Grass Is Reverting To Taller Form

Q: My twelve-year-old dwarf mondo grass is reverting to a longer form. Is this a thing? What do I do with it? Try to pull out the rogue clumps? 

A: It could easily be a thing. Many dwarf plants are spores that were collected growing from a bigger plant. If these notably smaller plants can be propagated easily they can be sold in a nursery. Then a homeowner who wants to grow something in the joints of a brick patio grabs some for their landscape. But hiding in the genes of the dwarf plant are the genes of its parents. Sometimes the dwarf plant sports a larger version of itself: the parent plant. It sounds like that’s what’s happening to you. Pulling out clumps of the taller plant is one option but it would be a lot of work. Could you mow everything to a uniform height once or twice a year?

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