Ergonomic Gardening Tools

Q: I am looking for ergonomic garden tools for my mother, who has arthritis. None of the local garden centers seem to have them. Can you help?

A: I think it won’t be long until all garden centers have tools that are easy to grip and use by older people. What baby boomers want, baby boomers get. As we continue to garden using old style tools, our hands and arms will appreciate tools that don’t require extreme angles of the wrist.

“Gardening should be good for the soul and not hurt the body.” is the motto of One to Grow On, Inc.  They have several garden tools designed for comfortable use. PETA tools, manufactured in Britain, have a sturdy post to grip and a wrist brace to steady their three tools: a cultivator, hoe and spade. You can order them through AgeNet (608-256 4242). An afternoon of raking leaves gives most gardeners an aching back. You can purchase an Upper Hand rake handle attachment by calling (800 685 0315)

Upper Hand

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