False Aloe

Q: I found some interesting looking plants on a building lot that I was about to grade. The plants appeared to be a native orchid of sorts, so I planted them in a raised bed at my home. I was really puzzled when they began to grow last spring and summer. I took photos to Mickey Gazaway at the West Cobb Pike Nursery and she researched them and even came by my home to look at them in person. She then took the pictures to the Cobb Extension office, on her day off, to get some help.

The plants were identified as Manfreda virginica or false aloe. Not very showy plants if you look at the blooms, but a delicate, interesting addition to the landscape. Much appreciation to Pike’s and the Cobb Extension office!

A: What an interesting plant! How it got to the site you were grading is anyone’s guess. With all of the possibilities out there, it’s hard to identify plants without a lot of experience. My kudo’s to Mickey and the Cobb Extension office as well!

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