Few Grapes On Grapevine

Q: I have a grapevine that I planted some years ago. The vine grows nicely
but there are few grapes. Not sure of the variety. 

A: It sounds like a pollination problem. I believe your problem stems from a
lack of sex amongst the vines. Some muscadine varieties have perfect flowers,
which contain both male and female organs. These varieties do not require
another variety nearby to achieve pollination. However, some varieties have
flowers with only female organs. These varieties require a perfect-flowered
variety nearby to contribute pollen. My bet is that you have a female-flowered
variety. The lack of pollen would explain why the little grapes never develop
to maturity. The cure? Plant a perfect-flowered grape nearby. ‘Cowart’,
‘Triumph’, ‘Nesbitt’ and ‘Carlos’ are all perfect-flowered.

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