Freeze Damage – Observations from Gardeners

Gardener notes on April 2007 freeze damage

What Does Freeze Damage Look Like

High and Low Temperatures for Mar. 8 – Apr 7

Daryl Pulis: 27 degrees
Figs and Perennial Salvias black. Phlox, Sedum, Baptisia not happy, but not gone

Baptisia looks like it got hit harder than Phlox and Sedum.

Mulberry and Maples, Chimonanthus and Crapemyrtle cooked and wilted, no recovery. Shasta Viburnum – flowers not bad, leaves wilted.

Hydrangeas not as bad as Mulberry, but wilted and have that deep dark green that doesn’t bode well. ‘Amethyst Falls’ Wisteria is wilted but not dark green.

Apple leaf damage dependent on exposure. Amelanchier surprisingly cooked. Lindera ok.

Magnolia macrophylla and Sophora wilted and black.

Itea and Fothergilla have an odd color, but not wilted. Ditto some Hostas. Others, like ‘Guacamole’, are wilted.

Physocarpus looks fine – so far.

I looked up into the Tulip Poplar and both flowers and leaves are wilted. We’ve been here for almost 26 years and I haven’t seen that happen.

Shannon Pable:
Only two of my hydrangeas that are out in the open seem to have the tops burned

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