Gall Insect – on Turfgrass

Q: I’ve found what looks like little cotton balls in my turf. The mass is the same size as spittlebugs but the material is like cotton. Does not appear to be damaging the turf. Any ideas?

A: Extension agent Todd Hurt says

“Procrastination is under-rated. I recently got a sample of this in my office. I am glad I had the bag sealed because they hatched on my desk this morning. I must have 50 of the insects in a
sandwich sized bag.

“They are tiny about 3-4 mm. long. It seems to be one of the Cynipid wasps (wooly gall maker or something closely related). The interesting thing is there is no damage to the grass blade. I told the owner to give them a good mowing.

Cynipid wasp

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