Geranium – Keeping Over Winter

Q: I have a prized geranium that I would like to carry over during the winter. What is the best way to do this. I have a closed garage I can store it in.

A: There are two ways. You could make several three-inch long cuttings and root them individually in paper cups filled with a 1:1 mix of sand and peatmoss.

Alternatively, dig your plant before night temperatures go below 40 degrees and put it in a brown paper bag. Place it in your garage where it does not freeze but is kept cool.

Check on it in late December. If the root ball is powder dry, take it out of the bag, soak it, let it dry until slightly moist, then put the plant back in the bag. Don’t worry if many leaves turn yellow and fall off.

If the stems shrivel, the plant is being kept too dry.

In mid-March, take the plant down, remove the bag, soak in a bucket of water and put it in a pot. It can be put outside when all frosts are past.

It is surprising how fast those little sticks perk up and sprout leaves once again!

red geranium and petunias

red geranium and petunias

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