Getting Rid Of Tall Ryegrass in Summer

Getting Rid of Ryegrass

Q: We recently purchased fifteen acres outside of Dahlonega. The builder put in ryegrass around the house. It has grown really tall and has flopped over. We’d prefer a cleaner look closer to the house. 

A: The ryegrass is going to turn yellow and die as it gets hotter so it doesn’t much matter what you do. I’d mow the ryegrass, maybe in perpendicular directions, to chop it up finely. You can leave it to decompose if the trimmings aren’t too thick. Otherwise, scatter them with a rake. The bigger question is what to use as your permanent lawn and larger grassland. Consider planting an expensive turf-type fescue blend for the lawn near the house and then use cheaper Kentucky-31 fescue for the grassland. June is a bad time to plant fescue but you can try it now, pray for a rainy summer and replant in September.

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