Goldenrain Trees – Invasive Seed Pods

Q: We have five goldenrain trees across the front of our yard. They have beautiful seed pods but they are so light they blow all over, dropping seed as they go, and the seeds sprout in our flower beds.

A: I can think of several plants with beautiful flowers or seed (Rose of Sharon, northern sea oats, morningglory, etc) which, like goldenrain tree, are overly enthusiastic about spreading their good looks. Try to gather all the pods you can find and put them in the garbage. Some seed will inevitably escape but they are so big that lawn pre-emergents don’t control them.

To control seedlings that sprout unwanted, make a “herbicide dabber”. Stuff a sponge tightly into a four-foot piece of 3/4″ PVC pipe, leaving an inch of the sponge sticking out. Pour in a quarter-cup of properly diluted glyphosate (Roundup, etc) and cap the end with a wine cork. When you see several goldenrain tree seedlings pop up, bring out your tool and dab them with plant killer.

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