Grass Seed – Increasing Chances Of Germination

Q: Previously, I have properly sowed grass seed yet no grass ever developed. I believe there may have been a problem with the seeds not germinating. When I purchase grass seed next time, is there any way I can ascertain the germination qualities of the seed. What could I look for on the label?

A: Georgia law requires every seed bag to be labeled. The label must state the number of weed seed in the bag and the germination percentage of the grass seed. This gives you excellent information on which to base your purchase. The label also must indicate when the test was done. Of course, a date close to the day you buy the seed means there has been less time for the seed to be stored improperly, which causes the germination percentage to decline. I recommend that you not buy seed that was tested last year – get a bag that was tested within the last six months if you can find one.

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