Grasslike Sprouts On Sago Palm After A Freeze

Q: I thought my sago palm had died due to the Christmas freeze. Small grasslike sprouts have come up. Do we separate them and replant? 

A: You are rich! Where once you had one, now you have many! Knowledgeable gardeners know sago palms often rebound after they are damaged. I would remove the old frozen sago and the new pups first. Be careful and wear gloves; the sap is toxic. Wash soil off of the roots and separate so you can see how many plants you have. Be careful not to harm the taproot on each plant. These little sprouts will be swollen at the bottom; it looks like a brown lightbulb. Plant each of them halfway in fast-draining sandy soil. No fertilizer is needed for at least two years. After that, you can use houseplant fertilizer. Sago palms can grow 10 feet tall, but I don’t think yours will reach that before another freeze comes along and whacks your plant again.

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