Green Kyllinga – Control

Q: Every year in August and September I start to see this grass (or weed? ) infesting my bermudagrass lawn. It seems to be getting a little worse each year. What is it? How can I get rid of it?

A: The weed is green kyllinga. It’s a member of the sedge family . Like all sedges (nutsedge, etc) it is tough to control. Over-watered lawns provide ideal habitat so be sure to water only once per week, in the absence of rainfall.

Apply a pre-emergent herbicide containing benefin, bensulide, dithiopyr, pendimethalin, or prodiamine in March and repeat in early June.

Once you see the weed emerge, you can apply halosulfuron (click for sources) or imazaquin (click for sources).

see Green Kyllinga

Kyllinga Control

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